How To Consume Water

‘Water’ one of the most precious gifts given by nature to mankind. It is a crucial natural resource for all living being to satisfy their want. 75% human body is made from water. It’s a basic need of life. Consuming 8 glass of water is good for health however many people consume water in wrong way they have no idea about the best way to consume water. Several  searches occurring regarding ‘how to consume water’. These searches show the best way to drink water. Let’s talk about the best way of drinking water in order to provide benefits to your body.

  • Sit down to drink water– Always sit down to drink water rather than standing. By sit down and drink water helps in restful the nervous and muscles and helps in digesting the food simply. Once we stand and drink water it disturbs the fluid level of the body.
  • Drink  temperature water– Continually avoid to drink cold water because it disturbs the ongoing process of digestion system. Drink room temperature water or warm water is even better. It helps in  regulate the digestion system or reduce weight.
  • Take sip– Always drink water in a small sip rather than drink in single breath. If you chug too much water than it is difficult for your body to absorb it.
  • Drink when you are thirsty– Every person have different body we cannot advise  to every one to drink same quantity. Only drink water when you are thirty. Excess water isn’t absorb simply, So take water only when your body demanded.
  • Drink water or store in copper vessel– Drink water in copper vessel because cooper have anti bacterial properties that helps in boosting your immune system.

You know that drinking eight glass of water is good for health but do one know what is the best time to drink water during a day? We drink water any time during a day however some times are the specific throughout the day to drink water, that place powerful effect on your body.

  • After waking time– Drink a glass of water at the wake up time. These time our stomach is empty. And water activate the all internal or external organs of the body.
  • Drink before meal– Many people doing common mistake that they drink water instantly before and after the meal. But it is not good for digestion. Water can dilute the digestion juice. Drink water 30 minutes before the meal to helps in digestion and drink an hour after meal to help the body to absorb the nutrients.
  • Drink before and after workout– Drink water before and after workout helps to reduce the weight of body and also preserve the dehydration throughout your workout.
  • Before bed– Drink a glass of water helps in lower the risk of heart attack and stroke throughout sleep. It also fills any fluid loss that occur throughout night.
  • Drink before bath– Drink a glass of water before bath to helps lower your blood pressure.
  • Drink when you are sick– Drink much water once you are ill. It will wash your germs and viruses  of the body.
  • Drink more water during pregnancy– Pregnant women required more water as compare to normal people. Drink  10 glass on a daily basis.

At this time everyone wants to drink clean water for this we use different type of water filter  however unknowing we add many chemical or harmful particles to your body. All these chemical enter in your body through the containers  you used to store your water. We’ve three- four options to store the drinking water like plastic, cooper, glass or steal. We always confuse about all these containers that which one is best options. So let’s talk about the different containers.

  • Plastic bottles– Plastic are commonly used to make bottles or water containers however it is the worse or unhealthy option for creating bottles. Once water store in these bottles, chemical from the bottle  drain in the water and make water unhealthy. That is not good for health. It arises several drawbacks associated with health like cancer, diabetes, and many more.
  • Stainless steel– Stainless steel is good options for those who looking for long-lasting options. Stainless steel are corrosion resistant and don’t leach chemical within the water. Stainless steel bottles are BPA free, and they not pollute the environment and not place worse effect on the human health.
  • Glass– Glass bottle is also the best way to store water. Glass is an inert material and it doesn’t leach chemical once left in the sun. Glass bottle required additional care because they’re easily breakable as compare to plastic bottles.
  • Cooper– In ancients time utensil are made from cooper. Copper have oligo dynamic property that prove fatal to the bacteria and virus present in the water.when we store water within the copper utensil, the tiny particles of copper leach within the water that is good for health. These particles have healing properties that stop numerous  health problems. It is the good option for storing water.
  • Earthen pot/ matka– In ancient time people store their water within the clay pot. They believe that clay contains several vitamins and mineral which is nice for health. Consuming water from clay pot provide many advantages to health. It will increase the metabolism, prevents sun stokes, alkaline in nature etc.

Now you perceive that drinking some water is always good. It useful in washing the health issues out of the body. It is the best or easiest method to save your body from several health problems. It’s only effective when you drink water within the right way. Water is that the best doctor, who curing health problem at less price.