The term “Organic” refers to the way agriculture products are grown and processed.   Organic farming food is produced by a natural ingredient. They produce food without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming doesn’t mean that they use the traditional method of farming. They take modern scientific knowledge and combine with the traditional method.

Why is organic better?

Organic products are better because they have a higher nutritional value than other products. They are free from pesticides and fertilizers, so they boot their productivity that strengthens their resistance to weed and bugs.


  • Nutrition: The nutrition value in organic food is large, they are full of mineral content. because it fosters the life of a  soil organic farming reaps the benefits soil life offers in greatly facilitated plant access to soil nutrition.
  • Chemical free: Organic farming is free from harmful chemicals or pesticides.
  • Tasty food: organic food is good in taste as compared to conventionally grown food because organic food is grown in their natural condition, without the use of pesticides.
  • Keep long: The Organic plant is grown naturally, rendering the structure as the result they store at the longer time.
  • Low input cost: Input cost of organic farming is low because they use natural fertilizers instead of high rated fertilizers.
  • Healthy environment: As harmful chemical is not used, there is minimal soil, water or land pollution and thus save our environment.
  • Reduce health risk: Organic farming is the only way to reduce health risk.


  • More hard work: Organic farming takes a lot of hard work. There is a high amount of farmer interaction time with their crop. Always sure that plants are free from pests.
  • Reduce productivity: Organic farming can’t produce more yield as a conventional farm.
  • Skill: in organic farming farmer required the great understanding of his crops and put the eye on his crop so no pest is destroying their crop.
  • Spoil faster: organic product is spoiled easily.  if merchandise arrival is delayed or mishandled for some reason than crop may never make into the market for consumption.
  • Energy and time: organic farming need lots of time and energy in all method or technique of farming.