Homeopathy is a healthy system widely used all around the world. It is derived from two Greek words” homhois + pathos” means “similar suffering”  It was invented by DR Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century.  It is a holistic approach that taking account of the whole person not only the symptoms of the disease.  It based on the principle “like cures like”(similia similibus curentur ) – an illness treated with a substance which could produce similar symptoms in a healthy person. The homeopathy does not ask about your illness but about your environment factors that affects you like what kind of food you like, medical history, family history in order to set up a complete picture of you as a  person.

Homeopathy medicines are prepared from plants, minerals, animals (natural substance) and also other sources like chemicals, radiations, etc. It has no side effects, for any age group.  Homeopathy works with the concept that we have an innate ability to beat the disease. The energy that we have to enable us to repair, regrow and repair damaged tissues respond to stress in our environment, generally function with a sense of well-being. When something happens in our body, we start to give symptoms: these are the expressions of our diseases. The homeopathy stimulates its natural healing energy and gives chance to restore itself. Homeopathy allows the body to heal its self without any harmful effects.