Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff or you may say Jai Hemanta Shroff is the son of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff. He gains limelight from his movie “Heropanti” because of his unmatched body, martial arts or action scenes. Tiger Shroff is a very good football player, and he wanted to play football professionally but in India football is not a big game, and so he decides to become an actor.

Tiger Shroff starts his fitness at the age of fifteen. At that time he was embarrassed for his bony physique and want to improve his fitness. Tiger Shroff is a big fan of Bruce Lee and takes training in martial arts. He also gets a fifth-degree black belt in taekwondo. Let’s look at the work plan or diet of Tiger Shroff.

Workout plan

Tiger Shroff has a strong fitness enthusiasm, there is no day when he can’t hit the gym. He does work hard and take it seriously. He always takes training under the supervision of  Dhole. He always makes a combination of Discipline, hard work, and genetics. Tiger Shroff follows different exercise per day. He focuses on the different part of the body.  He also does gymnastics in the evening in the instruction of Jay Chauhan. He takes his class at Juhu beach and teaches a mix of martial arts and film fighting to improve the flexibility and alertness. They start with stretching, push-ups, running, jumps, high kicks, punches, and splits. For this instant workout, he needs a special diet, so let, s  checkout the Shroff diet plan.

Diet plan

Tiger Shroff follows a very healthy diet. He is pure nonvegetarians, eggs, chicken or protein take in their diet. He never attracted to junk food. He cannot take food in which a high amount of carbs is included. Even he can’t take carb-containing food after 5 in the evening. He says no to alcohol, cigarette, or supplements. He never forgets the drinking water.

  • Breakfast: 8 egg white and oatmeal
  • Snack: Dry fruits and whey shake
  • Lunch: Brown rice with chicken or boiled veggies
  • Before gym: Protein shake
  • Dinner: Fish, broccoli or green beans

He takes a break from his daily diet on Sunday. He goes out with his father to take a Chinese meal and one important thing that he never forgets to take Drinking water (7-8) glass a day to keep his body healthy.