The Fittest Man – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is known for his movies as well as his fitness. He is the fittest man within the Film industry. He lives an extremely disciplined life. Before his Bollywood journey, he is a black belt in Taekwondo, and he has an expertise in martial arts and Muay Thai in Thailand. Due to his fitness, even at the age of 51 makes him one of the most sought-after men in Bollywood. With the help of Akshay Kumar secret mantra, you also become fit without going to the gym.

Akshay Kumar secret mantra

Akshay Kumar is one of the Bollywood actors who are a known for his toned body through martial arts. He includes various activity in his daily routine. He likes to include various sports, exercise or yoga, even at his shoot he manages his time in such a way that he finds time for the workout. He never eats after 6:30. It is important for the stomach to give rest. And food also takes for 4- 5 hours to digest so it is best to eat early. He believes that wake up in the early morning is a good start for the whole day.

His diet plan

Akshay Kumar follows a very strict diet plan. He believes in home cooked food to stay healthy or fit rather than any packed food. He does not believe in the diet for the fitness of the body. He always stays away from alcohol, smoking or parties. Even, he can’t take the interest in tea or coffee.

  • Breakfast: parathas and a glass of milk
  • Noon: A bowl of fruits
  • Lunch: Dal, green vegetables, roti, curd and chicken
  • Evening: A glass of fresh juice without sugar
  • Dinner: Prefers to very light dinner. He includes in his dinner soup, salad, or veggies.

His workout plan

Akshay Kumar follows a strict workout plan. Like other actors, he does not depend upon the gym. He gives more prefer to martial arts, sports or exercise to bodybuilding. He is more in favour of natural fitness. He does not train under any supervisor, he trains on his own to keep the body fit and healthy. He does not train for achieving 6packs or 8packs, he does all exercise for live healthy or fit life. He doesn’t belives in protein shakes which has long life side effects.

  • He wakes up at 4 am and goes for one-hour swimming.
  • Martial arts (1 hour)
  • Yoga and stretching exercise
  • Meditation (1hour)

His disciplined life

Akshay Kumar is one of the most disciplined actors in Bollywood. He is known for his disciplined life. He believes in “Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy and wise” he wakes up at 4 am in the morning and after he does martial arts, yoga swimming and many other exercises to make the body fit and healthy. He completes his dinner before 6:30 pm. Due to strictly follow a lifestyle he never goes to parties. He follows his own rules strictly.