Access Control System

Biometric attendance system with door lock and push button.

HealthRaja has developed bespoke access control system solution for you so that you get to have full control over the member’s validation and their access. Not just this, our access control system is fully reliable and quick as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking at in-app bio-metric devices, push button, glass door lock with automatically add, remove, active and inactive members, biometric readers or PIN, swipe cards, or would like it to work seamlessly without any internet connection, we give you club management software which gives you the flexibility to provide access to members that you wish to.

Member will be automatically inactive in device when his membership expires. Advance attendance system where you can check members attendance by day, month and overall. You can check how many times a member and staff login in gym and what was first time login and last time login. Software also calculates holidays to show proper attendance.

Quick, Reliable, and Cutting-edge

HealthRaja is always working hard to develop cutting-edge software so that you get to operate your gym without any fuss. Our access control system is designed to be flexible and modern. You get mobile access control technology solution, and then you can operate on it even if there is no internet connection. With our effective technology, you will be able to give your members an interactive check-in experience, and through this, you will also let them know that you care.

Easy pre-check-in

If any of your gym members would like to gain pre access to your gym, then you can simply generate a code for them. All of the members will be given a code which they can use. There will be a countdown for a few seconds, and the timer will let your members know how much time is left.

Quick post-check-in

All the members of your club or gym will be greeted with a goal number, which will notify them about their number of visits left. Not just this, there will also be message section available for your member too, where they can leave messages related to their membership.

Salient features of our access control software:

✔ Advance Fingerprint Sensor
✔ RFID Card
✔ Access Control
✔ USB Host & Client
✔ WiFi
✔ Battery Backup
✔ Fingerprint Capacity : 3000 / 10,000
✔ Fingerprint, Pin, Card authentication
✔ High speed and Accurate Fingerprint identification

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